fullsizeoutput_10dDuane (DL) Thornbranch has spent a life time creating and curating his songs, stories and the future of how music can be experienced. It is time, that this artist and multimedia creative, presents not only his music, songs and writings, but the new future of experiencing music using virtual reality. The artist Thornbranch has always been a songwriter and performing musician with various renditions of his live acts and musical projects (under different names and personas). The Thornbranch project is his quest to bring an intimate portrait of his ongoing work in both traditional and and new media presentation.

The next chapter will begin and continue to unfold on this site and various social and live performance outlets. Thornbranch owns and operates a creative content company, Artists of the Industry in the world class city of Chicago, where he is part of a team of virtual and augmented reality developers. “The time now is to merge my background in music, songwriting and tech to create a new way to pioneer the listening experience” explains Thornbranch.

Being a fan of the songwriting genre and the sound of rock n roll mixed with atmospheric cinema sound design and storytelling, Thornbranch is launching out into the world with a whole new life experience to share with music lovers, tech enthusiasts and viewers of emotionally stimulating content.

VR documentaries and music video is sure to be something that takes hold in the not so distant future. Thornbranch and his artistry along with his merry group of like minded creators look forward to being a part of the next wave of musical and entertainment experiential performance.

For now listen to a sample of Thornbranch Music by clicking the link below.


Song – Cool Cool Drink of Life

Song – Heavy Haze


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